Djibouti is set to become a hub for electric vehicle (EV) activity shortly, as the East African country has seen a marked increase in EV uptake. From the Afar word 'gabouti,' meaning 'plate,' Djibouti’s geography is well-suited for EVs, with its flat terrain and lack of severe weather conditions. Most EVs use lithium-ion batteries, outperforming most viable batteries in energy density, lifespan, and power.

Current Status of the Electric Vehicle Market in Djibouti

Right now, only a few people in Djibouti are driving electric cars.

Most people still use regular gas cars or other vehicles. But things are changing! More and more people are starting to see the benefits of electric cars, like how they are better for the environment and don't need as much gas. Experts predict that the electric vehicle market in Djibouti will grow significantly in the coming years!

Government Policies and Incentives

The Djibouti government wants more electric vehicles on their roads. They made a plan to give discounts to people who buy them.

Also, they will give money to companies that make car charging stations. The government will make a law saying big companies must buy electric cars. These things will help people choose electric cars more often. It is suitable for the environment, and it can save people money!

Charging Infrastructure Development

To drive an electric vehicle, you need to charge it like a phone. Djibouti is working hard to create more places where electric vehicles can plug in and charge up. This will make it easier for people to use electric cars and help the environment.


Djibouti's electric vehicle market is growing fast! This is thanks to government policies and incentives. Also, more places to charge EVs are being built. In the future, Djibouti may become a leader in clean energy.